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Chili Cheese Dog
Chili Dog
Mustard or Relish Dog
Deluxe Dog (Tomato, Pickle, Onions & Mustard)
Kraut Dog
Chicago Dog (Mustard, Relish, Tomato, Onions,
    Pickle, Celery Salt & Sport Peppers)

Junkyard Dog
Bacon Strip Street Dog
Premium Angus All Beef Chili Cheese Dog

(Premium Angus All Beef Hot Dogs and Pretzel Buns are available for all items)

(Includes Small Fries & Small Drink)

#1 Two Chili Dogs
#2 Polish Sandwich
#3 1/3 lb Chicken Dippers
#4 Two Corn Dogs
#5 Chili Cheese Dog & Chili Cheeseburger
#6 Chili Dog & Corn Dog

#7 3 Chili Burgers, 3 Chili Dogs and
      3 Small Fries
#8 6 Chili Dogs and 3 Small Fries
#9 5 Chili Dogs and 5 Corn Dogs

Chili Burger
Chili Cheeseburger
Ultimate Chili Cheeseburger
Jalapeno Poppers Chili Cheeseburger
Junkyard Chili Cheeseburger

Pastrami Sandwich
Angus Pastrami Dog (on a Pretzel Bun)
Original Pastrami Dog

Polish Sandwich
Chicken Dippers (1/3 lb, 1/2 lb & 1 lb
     with choice of dipping sauce
     BBQ, Buffalo Wing or Ranch)
     *Weight before cooking.

Chili Cheese Fries
Fries (Small, Medium & Large)
Chili Cheese Curly Fries
Curly Fries (Small, Medium & Large)
Chili Cheese Fries Burrito
Corn Dog
Mini Corn Dogs (6 Pak)
Jalapeno Poppers (6 Pak)

(Includes Small Fries, Kid’s Drink & Prize)

Mustard Dog
Corn Dog
Mini Corn Dogs

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist,
Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, Mug Root Beer, Raspberry Tea, Iced Tea,
Strawberry, Mango or Cherry Lemonade,
Bottled Water

Click here for Nutritional and Allergen Information

Special Note: Our Corn Dogs do contain wheat. But our Chili, hot dogs (Original and All Beef Angus) plus our Polish do not contain wheat and are gluten free (without the bun).

Pastrami Mania
Corn Dog